Epsom Tails Sunset Blue Mohair Suit

Epsom Tails Sunset Blue Mohair Suit

Epsom Tails Sunset Blue 3 Piece Slim Fit Suit

Introducing our range of unique, lightweight tailcoat outfits. Specially made for us in Portugal, these are no ordinary tailcoats!

These elegant wedding garments are cut through the hip, not through the waist, creating a more slimline appearance even on larger men. The tail itself is not as long as what you may think is ‘traditional’.

When you also take into account a slightly deeper armhole (designed to be more comfortable and slim fit again, especially under the arms and at the back) and a light wool/mohair/polyester weave - we can really say this garment is unique!

Try one on in your appointment even if it’s just to decide for yourself (you may love it)! We keep our own sizes from boys 20” up to men’s 64” chest, in stock on the premises.

This suit is available to hire from £130 per adult & £85 for boys.

Accidental Damage Insurance is required on this outfit at a charge of £12 per person.

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