St David's Welsh National Tartan

St David's Welsh National Tartan

Brithwe Dewi Sant

St. David's Welsh National Tartan available to hire or purchase. Boys and mens sizes available.

Choose from a variety of accessories, including three types of sporrans and over 50 neckwear colour options in stock! The matching fly plaid & brooch is worn by the Groom over the left shoulder.

100% authentic Welsh Tartan, actually woven here in Wales. To see a sample of the actual tartan you will be hiring, please click here to get in touch and we will be happy to send it to you with our brochure.

Suit option with matching tartan waistcoat and accessories available for those who don't wish to wear a Kilt. An example of this can be found in the images.

Our unique Home Hire Service anywhere in Wales takes the hassle out your hire. Measuring, delivery and collection all in the comfort of your home! Click here

We spell Cilt with a 'C' in Wales as there's no 'K' in the Welsh alphabet, although we use the usual spelling throughout our website to help customers find us easier (perhaps that's how you got here)!

St David's 5 Yard Cilt to buy £299, St David's 8 Yard Cilt to buy £489.

The St David's Regalia is also available to buy starting from £1149 for adults.

You can hire this regalia from £108 per adult & £73 for boys. Fly Plaid & Brooch Additional £39

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